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Working in a Starbucks store is different from any other job. You are creating genuine moments of connection with our customers and making a difference to their day. You will handcraft delicious beverages, and build relationships with our customers (getting to know their favourite drink), and with your fellow partners. We offer great benefits and an environment that is truly welcoming. You will also have opportunities to volunteer in the community, to help out and give back to the neighbourhoods we are a part of.


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  • Barista

  • Shift Supervisor - Product

  • Assistant Store Manager

  • Store Manager

  • Restaurant Support Center (Headquarters)

  • Apprenticeship


As a Barista you will be responsible for providing our guests fast and unique services, excellent quality of products and you will be keeping the Store in perfect cleanliness. You will become a part of our team that has two goals every day: sharing a great coffee with your friends and smiling to inspire others!

Shift Supervisor - Product

As a Shift Supervisor you care about the highest quality of products and uphold the standards of their preparation. You plan deliveries, analyze sales and results achieved. In your role as Shift Supervisor, you conduct training for partners in their areas of responsibility, as well as manage the shift and work behind the bar, ensuring the best possible atmosphere every day.

Assistant Store Manager

At Starbucks, the Assistant Store Manager is the so-called People Manager, i.e. the person responsible for our partners. Your main task is to build a team, train and motivate, thanks to which the service of guests in the store is at the highest level. As People Manager you strive to hire the best people for the right positions. You recruit partners who spread their smile and convey their positive energy to our guests. You are also responsible for creating schedules, planning and controlling labor costs, as well as analyzing the results achieved. You conduct shifts, work behind the bar and create a working atmosphere in your store. The key to success is getting to know all partners perfectly.

Store Manager

As Store Manager you provide excellent customer service and the highest quality product, while maintaining optimal costs. Your tasks focus on two areas: building sales and relations with guests. You are responsible for local marketing consistent with the brand's activities and AmRest's strategy. You build relationships and engage in cooperation with the local community. You are also responsible for planning sales, analyzing the results and constantly looking for new solutions. As Store Manager you are constantly developing and ensuring the continuous development of your team. You spend most of your working time with your partners behind the bar, where you care for the satisfaction of your guests every day.

Restaurant Support Center (Headquarters)

A strong team behind the scenes is the basis for any success. We also offer diverse job opportunities outside the stores in our Restaurant Support Team. Whether it's in operations, finance, IT, human resources, marketing, or our other departments: With us, you're guaranteed to find the right path for you.


Even the most exciting journey begins with the first step. You have a qualified graduation from school, speak fluent German (and English or another foreign language), are friendly and service-oriented? Great! Then decide doing an apprenticeship.

Training & Education

All of our retail store partners begin their careers with us by undertaking an introductory training program based upon their role. Our store training programs are led by our amazing instore trainers and coaches and are designed to immerse you in the Starbucks culture and set you up for success. These training programs are delivered in our stores and provide partners with the opportunity to learn on the job supported by their manager.


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Barista Basics

become a qualified barista, delivering the perfect product and making every moment right for all of our customers all of the time.

Barista Trainer

develop your capability in many areas of training and development.

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Key Partner

learn how to manage and motivate your team.

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Shift Supervisor

become an expert in product quality and check yourself in order planning or cost management.

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Assistant Store Manager

expand your knowledge in the area of HR by learning recruitment, team motivation methods, labor law or personnel planning.

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Store Manager

learn how to run a business by being responsible for budget planning, cost analysis and building sales at your coffee shop.

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Hello, I'm Niko and this is my Starbucks story.

I have always loved Starbucks. I loved everything the company stands for: being open to everyone, full of variety, caring about the environment and getting high quality coffee at the same time.

I'm originally from Slovenia, a small but beautiful country (the only country with the word love in its name - sLOVEnia). Unfortunately, we don't have a Starbucks there, so every time I went somewhere abroad, I looked for the first Starbucks and became obsessed with it. When I moved to Germany about three and a half years ago, I knew I had to get a job at Starbucks. It was the first and only job I applied for and luckily for me, I got it.

I started as a barista. I learned to make drinks, talk to our guests, and most importantly, I learned a lot about coffee. My store manager infected me with a passion for coffee; she taught me a lot. At Starbucks, there's always opportunity to grow, so in my second year, I did my Coffee Master. A program where you learn all about coffee, the history, how coffee grows, how it's processed and prepared, what we do for the environment... In the meantime, a lot has happened with my career. When I started my third year with the company, I grew from a Barista to a Key Partner. Now I'm just about to start my journey to Product Manager.

I couldn't be happier to work at a company that values and supports a person's growth. As long as you're ready, you can achieve anything you want.




my name is Tawan Buachai. I was born in Thailand and spent half my life in Northern Thailand. Even though we didn't have much, we were never sad about it, but we gave each other smiles and warmth. Thailand used to be called differently - Siam - meaning "land of smiles".  

I have been working at Starbucks since December 2015. What I like most here are the nice employees who come from many different countries. We welcome each other with open arms and the feeling is wonderful. It's the people and my culture that remind me of home again.


Next Tawan

Barista Championship


The Championships are broken down into three categories:
  • Barista Craft

  • Signature Beverage

  • Personal Coffee Tasting

Barista’s showcase their latte art skills, create their own signature beverages using ingredients that exist in Starbucks stores and present coffee tasting sessions. Each tasting session may include food pairing, music and any other sensory experience that enhances the coffee experience.


Barista Championship 2022

Niko Krhlanko

Hello, my name is Niko. I started as a Barista and am now in the development to Product Manager. With all the knowledge I gained during my time at Starbucks, I knew I could pass the Barista Championship, a Starbucks competition in coffee passion and knowledge. It started at the store level, where I competed against my peers. Then came the district-level competition and finally the National Contest, where I competed against the best German baristas. The contest was so much fun that I repeated it in 2022. I actually managed to win the title of National Winner. But that wasn't all. Next came the finals for the entire EMEA region. I was lucky enough to be invited to the top 10 out of 42 countries and represent Germany.

barista championship